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Rowan’s Game

My son Rowan wants to make a game. After making Agro-Aggro, I mentioned to Rowan that if he wanted to do the art for his own game, I could turn it into something playable. HeĀ lit up when I mentioned this. He’s now full-swing into designing his game.

He’s decided that the basic game mechanic (besides being a platformer) is that you have to fight the enemies with your gun that has a sort of a rock-paper-scissors relationship with the enemies. For instance, there are fire enemies, and you kill them by firing water onto them. The water puts out the fire, but turns to steam, which floats up, condenses, and then drips back down as water droplets for you to pick up (more water ammo). Then there are water enemies, so you fight them by shooting seeds into them. The seeds grow inside the water and turn into cool plants that immediately bloom and drop new seeds for you to pick up (more seed ammo). Finally there are plant enemies. You kill them with fire, and their ashes fall to the ground, out of which little fiery phoenixes are born which you pick up (more fire ammo).

He’s already started on the concept art and will do the actual game art using my Bamboo tablet on the computer. He’s super excited about making the game. I wonder what he’ll call it?